Membership Guidelines


The Tuesday Club is managed informally and does not have a committee, nor it's own set of rules. Generally, it follows the rules of the Ufford Park Golf Club, but sets it's own members guidelines agreed at monthly golf lunches by discussion.

1. The Tuesday Club is the senior section of Ufford Park Golf Club and is available to all senior members of the Ufford Park Golf Club to join. As part of the club it comes under the constitution of the Ufford Park Golf Club.

2. The Ufford Park Golf Club Committee has overall responsibility for the organisation and administration of all competitions, matches and golf activities, including those of the Tuesday Club (Ref: “IV. The Club Committee 6.”)

3. The Tuesday Club Captain is the representative of the Senior Section on the Ufford Park Golf Club Committee.

4. The Tuesday Club itself has no formal constitution, rules or committee, and is managed informally by the Tuesday Club Captain and members meeting at the monthly Tuesday Club lunches – which usually take place the 1st Tuesday of each month.

5. Guideline changes and other decisions about the Tuesday Club are taken by the Tuesday Club Captain with input from members present at Tuesday Club lunches.

Note: At Tuesday Club lunches the members are given the opportunity to raise issues – which may be informally voted on (i.e. straw polled) if the Captain chooses. Those members not attending lunches may raise issues directly to the Captain who will subsequently air them, on their behalf, at the next lunch. Similarly, members are free to provide their views directly to the captain on any issue, particularly if they do not attend lunches.

6. The criteria for membership to the Tuesday Club is:

a. A Tuesday Club Member must be a member of the Ufford Park Golf Club

b. A Tuesday Club Member must be over 50 years old

c. A Tuesday Club Member must purchase a Tuesday Club Tie – there are no Tuesday Club membership fees.

7. The Tuesday Club Vice Captain, will become the Tuesday Club Captain for a year - starting on the 1st January of each year.

8. Incoming Tuesday Club Captains will select their own Vice Captain for their year of office.

9. The Tuesday Club Captain is responsible for:

a. Encouraging the informal, friendly and fun ethos of the Tuesday Club

b. Leading the Tuesday Club – making decisions on any issues raised by the members

c. Overseeing monthly Tuesday Club lunches

d. Captaining senior matches – including selecting the team

e. Running Tuesday Club competitions, including where necessary, arbitrating on any disputes between competitors, with the possibility of referral to the Ufford Park Golf Committee.

10. The Tuesday Club Vice Captain is responsible for supporting the captain and deputizing for him at any functions/duties he cannot attend.

11. The Tuesday Club Captain is supported by a number of members with special responsibilities. The members who take on these responsibilities do so until such time as they wish to relinquish them, and then find another member to do them:

a. The Tuesday Club Membership Secretary is responsible for assigning Tuesday Club membership numbers, green numbered balls and keeping an accurate list of members and their contact details.

b. The Tuesday Club Fixtures Secretary is responsible for arranging the dates, times and places of matches for the following season. In addition, the Tuesday Club Fixtures secretary ensures all Tuesday Club fixtures are entered into the Ufford Park Members Handbook.

c. The Tuesday Club Competitions Secretary is responsible for scoring all internal Tuesday Club competitions (including nil returns), and for submitting the results to the Handicap Secretary of the Ufford Park Golf Club for scrutiny and potential adjustments of handicaps.

d. The Tuesday Club Treasurer is responsible for the accurate administration of Tuesday Club funds, which generally come from donations, clothing sales, fees paid to enter competitions and the Tuesday Club Lunches. The funds are generally used for prizes, updating trophies, entry fees, etc. The Tuesday Club Treasurer will allow members to examine the accounts quarterly at a Tuesday Club Lunch.

e. The Tuesday Club Wine Monitor will purchase wine for the monthly Tuesday Club Lunches, and maintain the stock of donated bottles of wine for prizes. Note: It is anticipated that Tuesday Club members will donate at least one bottle of wine a year for prizes.

f. The Tuesday Club Charities Officer will run raffles, etc. and submit donations to the chosen charity(s) supported by the Tuesday Club.

g. The Tuesday Club Web Master maintains the Tuesday Club website as a further means to disseminate information, supplementing the other forms of communication such as e-mails and the notice board.

h. The Tuesday Club Apparel Officer maintains supplies of Tuesday Club match clothing such as shirts, jumpers, etc.

i. The Tuesday Club Welfare Monitor has the job of monitoring the health of members who haven’t been attending recently to check that they and their families are OK, and to report their status back to their friends in the Tuesday Club.

12. Any golfer is welcome take part in Tuesday Club social golf sessions (e.g. hotel guests, members of Ufford Park GC under 50, friends of members, etc.) which normally take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

13. Only Tuesday Club Members with active handicaps can enter internal Tuesday Club Competitions or Matches. However, to be eligible to play in Tuesday Club or Ufford Park matches against senior sections/members of other clubs, TC members will need to be 55+ to comply with EGU senior rules.

14. All Tuesday Club Members, who have an active handicap, and enter competitions are eligible to win any related Trophy & Prizes (e.g money) associated with that TC competition. The exception is on TC monthly lunch days, where all active participants are only eligible to compete in the golf competition of the day, and to try for any trophy associated with it. As an incentive to attend the lunch, only those golfers staying to the lunch will be awarded any additional lunch day prizes associated with the competition places (e.g. prize money), and only those lunching may enter the additional competitions for other prizes (e.g. nearest the pin, straightest drive, etc. ) that the Captain has chosen for the day. Any prize money won by those not attending lunch will go to the Captains charity and/or club funds.

15. Tuesday Club Members selected to play in matches against other clubs are requested to wear Tuesday Club shirts and/or jumpers if possible, and the weather is suitable.

16. Tuesday Club Members playing in home or away matches will wear a jacket and Tuesday Club Tie for lunch unless the Captain or away club waive this requirement.

17. Tuesday Club Members attending Monthly Lunches may dress in Jacket and Tie or in smart casual clothing. However, if they wear a tie it should be the Tuesday Club Tie.

18. Tuesday Club social golf sessions normally start at 08:00am. Balls will be drawn from the basket at this time and games are then usually simultaneously started on the 1st, 17th and 18th tees.

Note: On days when there are home golf matches against other clubs the Tuesday Club Captain may notify the members of the need to start earlier so the tees are cleared by 08:30.

19. Home Tuesday Club golf matches against other clubs, are normally played on Tuesdays, or occasionally Fridays, and start at 08:00 for 08:30 tee off.

20. Tuesday Club Competitions will take precedence over those members who decide to play social golf on the day (i.e. the members playing social golf must wait for the tees to become free before playing, or start sufficiently in advance of the competition).

21. Members who enter Tuesday Club competitions must pay any related donation/fee, even if they fail to complete the course and/or make a nil return (which will still be noted and submitted for handicap adjustment by the Tuesday Club Competitions Secretary if it is a qualifying competition). Note: This does not apply to informal “competitions” held on some Fridays, such as playing Goulash.

22. Tuesday Club members playing in pairs or singles Knock Out competitions should not delay the start of the Tuesday Club sessions (e.g. they may book tee times for their matches or use any unused Tee times booked for the Tuesday Club later in the session).

23. TC Members who are 80 or over may request to tee off from the 1st tee, rather than the 17th or 18th tee for both social games and for matches.

24. Knock out competitions must have their rounds completed in a timely manner, according to the draw instructions. The player on top of a given draw has the responsibility for agreeing a date and time, and booking the tee, within the required timescale. Two dates/times should be offered and if not acceptable to the other player, then that other player will forfeit the match. In exceptional circumstances the other player may appeal to the Captain to be given additional time.